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Maintain Clean Blood And Enhance Blood Circulation

Cupping (hijama, bekam) and Pure Salt therapy is a safe, effective and unique alternative healthcare for the management of many diseases by washing the blood and promoting blood flow. Virtually all of the killer diseases like cardiac arrest, heart failure, stroke, cancer are directly associated with poor blood flow. There is hardly any ailment that cannot be treated, get relief or cured by cleaning the blood and improving blood flow. Therefore the key to good health is to ensure that each of the estimated 20 trillion human cells receives via the blood circulation system a continuous supply of antibodies, nutrients, oxygen and enzymes and hormones to produce energy, fight off infection, sustain life and reproduce itself. Furthermore the the circulation of blood system must excrete harmful chemicals, heavy metals and acidic toxic waste which progressively overwhelm and accumulate your body which then become weak, inflammed, cancerous or die. hijama

The body has limited capability to clean its very own blood and removing acidic toxic waste that reduce or block vital blood flow to affected tissues, cells and organs. Cupping (hijama, bekam) and Pure Salt therapy is capable of doing this vital function and bring relief or cure symptoms of chronic pain and achesweakness, fatigue and pain organ malfunction and premature aging. The amount of blocked blood vessels is directly linked to a person's age but may be lowered by adopting a wholesome treatment and lifestyle with this particular unique therapy. For instance typically a 20 year old has 20% blockage in the/her arteries while a 60 years old features a 60% blockage. Death occur at about 80% blockage. This means that the chance of pain and diseases increase as we age as well as the onset of disease generally start at age 35 years the right age to start Cupping (hijama, bekam) and Pure Salt Therapy. High cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or arthriti, by the time you reach age 50 years it is common for most people to have chronic diseases like high blood pressures hijama

Examples of diseases which can be treated with Cupping (hijama or bekam) and Pure Salt therapy include stroke, cardiovascular disease, angina, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), high cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome,cancer and diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis, skin diseases, arthritis, female infertility,migraine and Alzheimer, back problems, diarrhea, constipation, IBS and heartburn eye infection, throat infection, ear infection, muscle pain and aches. This therapy is based on greater than 20 years of proven success in the treating of diseases according tomodern and safe, and hygienic techniques. The best results are obtained when it is combined with drinking of distilled water (not mineral or processed water), eating nutritious food, frequent exercise, breathing clean air, reducing stress level and adopting a proper lifestyle.

Many sites talk about air or fire cupping which is less effective than blood or aggressive as it cannot clean your blood or take away the accumulated acidic toxic waste. Fire cupping is actually a safety hazard as it uses a burning moxa or cotton wool to produce a vacuum and should be replaced manually or electric vacuum pump. Most websites on blood cupping still utilize razor blade or knife to make incision on the skin to release blood as opposed to making tiny needle holes with our special cupping pen and lancet.